Best travel destination after the pandemic, without restriction in 2021

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Although the threat of covid is not eliminated, we can all hope for the future ahead. As more and more people are vaccinated, life is slowly getting back to normal. The world is again within our reach, and after the turbulence we all went through because of the pandemic, it is the best time ever to live life and enjoy a nice vacation.

It is safe to say that not all travel destinations will open at once, nor will they revoke all the restrictions in place. So, remember to check with the governing authority before you plan your vacation.

You will also most likely need to be fully vaccinated before you are allowed to board a plane. And even after that, not all locals will be vaccinated so do expect protocols and restrictions once you reach your destination.

Best travel destination after the pandemic without restriction in 2021 RedPayday

Best travel destination after the pandemic without restriction in 2021 RedPayday

Now, any of you reading have already known where you want to go, maybe a trip you planned with your friends got canceled during the covid ( talking from own experience), or you have one destination in your bucket list that you have to go. For you, I say go where life takes you. But for folks having trouble narrowing down or not sure if their budget is enough to pay for the trip, we compiled the cheapest travel location that will fit your budget.

Mexico ($40/day)

Mexico can be a very affordable option, and with its rich culture and scenic beauty, it will never stop amazing you. Mexico has a reputation of not being safe among tourists, but not many people are visiting the country due to the pandemic. With strict law enforcement around, security will not be a huge concern. Mexico also has one of the best cuisines globally, and you can enjoy it all for less than $40 a day. There are many cenotes and caves to explore. The white sand beaches are also free to explore, and above all, the hospitality you will get from the people will be something to cherish for your entire life. So, Mexico gets our approval for a budget trip.

Hawaii ($120/day)

North American travelers can bypass Hawaii’s travel and quarantine restrictions that travelers from other countries face. There are some restrictions on islands, but these vary depending on where they are located. Travel restrictions between islands are not enforced, and if you have been fully vaccinated, there is no restriction enforced for you. However, those who have not received their second dose will need to undergo a mandatory test as well as a 14-day quarantine before they can travel. This makes Hawaii a great place to travel once you have received your second dose but not if you did not receive your vaccines. So, we recommend Hawaii only to those who are fully vaccinated. Although Hawaii is a bit more expensive than some of the other destinations on our list, it is the safest. You can enjoy many attractions, both natural and artificial structures, while traveling in Hawaii. So, if you are vaccinated and have a company like your family, Hawaii is a great option.

Ecuador ($80/day)

If you’re backpacking, the most affordable way to travel Ecuador is by spending around $40-60 per person. Because luxury resorts aren’t as standard, this is the most popular way to see Ecuador’s beauty. The trip can cost anywhere from $95 to $300 per day if you don’t want to stay in a hostel or eat at local markets. Ecuador offers impressive deals on last-minute tours and cruises. Discounts up to 40% are possible if you book early. It is not easy to find tickets for the Galapagos Islands cruises or tours. So we would recommend Ecuador only if you are a solo traveler and love backpacking.

Vietnam ( $25/day)

Vietnam offers one of the cheapest holiday destinations for budget travelers. For solo travelers who like to travel and explore the length and width of the country, Vietnam is the best option. It offers the cheapest transportation and paired with the healthiest street food it offers I wonder about the need of spending on accommodation. You can get thick soup with rice noodles and a generous pork belly cut, all under 2 dollars. Vietnam also has tons of beautiful places and rice fields to visit. Again the hospitality you receive from people is fantastic, and Vietnam will also get a massive node from us.

The Philippines ($35/day)

If you love island hunting, the Philippines is your dream destination. There are hundreds of different islands to explore. No, sorry for more than 2000 islands to examine in total. ( 2000 are inhabited, the rest around 5000 are virgin islands). I think you get an idea of the number of islands you can explore. Filipinos are also the friendliest and most humble people on the entire planet. Their simple way of life and impeccable natural beauty makes the Philippines a great destination if you are on a budget and love the island.

Indonesia ($25/day)

Indonesia also has its door opened for tourists after the pandemic. No travel can be fulfilled without a mention of Indonesia. It is by far the cheapest country to travel to in the world. The beauty of Indonesia is second to none. The lush greenery, mountains, beautiful sand beaches, and some of the most iconic places in the internet world (mainly Nusa Penida) make Indonesia the ultimate travel destination. Ohh, and did we mention how cheap it is? Although traveling between islands can be a bit expensive ( in Indonesian terms, $20-25 max), you can keep the cost down if you focus on visiting just a couple of islands.

Bottom line

These are the top countries that have opened their doors for tourists, while many are being added every day. We can hope at the current rate of vaccination. We can expect the travel restriction to be over soon.

While we tried our best to recommend places at a budget, and many of them will be pretty reasonable, we understand the financial distress covid has caused in many of our lives. Maybe you do want to get a long-awaited vacation but due to cash crush finding it difficult. There is one small trick we have for you guys. You can now apply for a quick payday loan with no credit check. This loan will be adjusted from your next paycheck. Red Payday loans are easy to get approved for as they require no credit check. You can think of it as a way of getting your paycheck a bit earlier than usual. With this loan, your vacation does not have to wait.

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