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Planning to throw a last-minute bridal shower? Here are some tips for a budget bridal shower for anyone to follow.

Weddings are a crucial phase in life, and bridal showers can be a fun way to pamper the bride to ease into the wedding. It is a way of showing gratitude towards her and congratulating her on the next phase in life. But, throwing a bridal shower on a budget can be difficult as many pitfalls can make you overspend. It is challenging to stay within budget as you do not want to look cheap and create the future bride feel that she is not worth spending. Being her friend is a big responsibility, and we know how intimidating it can be to me at times. But, fear not, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you throw a great bridal shower within budget.

bridal shower budget Last Minute Tips RedPayday

bridal shower budget Last Minute Tips RedPayday

Set expectation

Even before we start, it is imperative to set realistic expectations. If possible, sit with the bride or her close friends and ask what she expects from the party, whether there is any particular thing they want them to follow. After you set the expectation and set a budget to match, do understand that not being able to throw a cavendish party for the bride to do not in any way show a lack of honor for the bride. Most will appreciate the effort you are putting in, so there is no reason to sacrifice your financial stability to throw a party.

Another great tip if you are in a financial crunch is to communicate with the bride and tell her that the bridal shower is your gift for her at the wedding. That way, you do not need to spend any additional cost on buying wedding gifts, and you can include that money here to make the party a success.

Co-Host with other bridesmaids

A great way to throw a budget bridal shower is to co-host the party with other bridesmaids. Now, it is not unusual for you to know the other bridesmaids personally, and asking them to co-host will create a bond. The bills can be split and reduce the chance of multiple bridal showers. In addition, planning a party can be stressful, and sharing and dividing out some of the tasks will reduce some of your stress.

Keep the guest list short.

This one is a no-brainer, but many miss the plot. Not everyone who is invited to the wedding needs to attend the bridal shower. Cutting down on the guest list is by far the most effective way of cutting corners. The average guest in a bridal shower is usually between 30 – 40 people, so we do not recommend you to go any higher than this. Also, it will be a great idea and avoid any embarrassment if you discuss with the bride on the guest list. Many office colleagues may not need an invitation, moreover inviting someone for the bridal shower who is not part of the actual wedding can cause serious embarrassments, so always discuss with the bride.

Choose the theme

The theme is the real essence of any party, so we do not recommend you to exclude it altogether. But, what we do recommend is not to reinvent the wheel. Let me explain; instead of going for a whole new theme, improvise and choose something that your friends and family recently had. This way, you can reuse many of the decorations and will significantly cut down on the expenses. Also, ask for accessories from friends and family to reuse like cake stands or lighting. Do not buy things that you can lend otherwise, like speakers. And although it is not always possible given your current location, arranging the party outdoors or in your backyard can eliminate the cost of hiring a place.

Decoration and Invitation

Sending a traditional invite can cost you up to 3-5$ per invitation. If there are 40 people, then the cost of the invitation can go up to $200. Although many brides hold a particular value on invitation, you can quickly go green and send a customized email instead of a paper invitation.

Also, keep your cost of decoration in check. DIY decorations are an excellent method to show you care and to bring the price down. Try channeling your efforts into one specific part of the decoration, like a particular wall; a great theme can be photo collage together to form a memory lane type theme. Or, if you are doing it outdoors, have some activity planned out to keep the guests entertained.

Cutting down on food

Food is by far the most expensive part of any party, but some tricks can help. Try to keep the menu simple and within a few items. You don’t want a variety of food as it risks the chance of getting wasted.

You can also opt out to bake your cake instead of shelling out cash to get a custom cake made. Moreover, the baking cake has a sense of flair to it that many will appreciate. Besides, it will help keep the cost down.

Avoid fancy favor

Favor can be a great touch to thank guests for attending the party. But you can always keep the cost to a minimum. You can add a small homemade cookie box or a simple thank you note to show your gratitude for attending the party.

Some final words

We have shared some of our top tips to have a bridal shower on a budget, but we do not recommend you apply all the information discussed. In the end, it is a big day for the bride to be and will hold a special sentimental value for years to come. So, shop around, see how much you can fit with the limited budget you have. But we understand how quickly the expenses can add up, and you are in a financial crunch; there is one final tip we have to offer.

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