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Planning a honeymoon but worried about your current finances? Here are the top ideas and some budget destinations for a romantic getaway in 2021.

Congratulations, if you are looking for a budget honeymoon idea, you are probably married by now. Weddings can be expensive on their own, and planning a romantic getaway somewhere far may be a bit too much for your finances. But if you are planning to ditch the idea of a honeymoon altogether, here are some tips to help you out. We also have some budget recommendations that you can try and a piece of advice to get all your finances on track. We have a lot to offer in this article, so without adieu, let’s get started.

Cheap honeymoon ideas for 202-Consider picking up a fast payday loan Red Payday

Cheap honeymoon ideas for 202-Consider picking up a fast payday loan Red Payday

Here are five budget alternatives to honeymoon

Arrange a romantic time alone

After the excitement of the wedding is gone, the honeymoon is all about spending some time alone with your loved one. You don’t have to go far, but it doesn’t really matter where you are spending your honeymoon. All you need is each other’s company. If you live alone, you can spend this time at home, or if you have company, you can spend some time in a romantic getaway in a hotel. This is a time where you should give each other company, and you should not allow stress, phones or computers to get under your way. Spend hours exploring the local attractions, and spend quiet evenings romancing and dancing.

Go on a road trip

Wouldn’t it be romantic to pack your car and drive to multiple locations that you wanted to see? You can head into the unknown and have an epic road trip across the country. You can stop at a destination and take a different route home. Booking rooms at Airbnb or motels along the route can help you save money. It can be great to spend time together learning and seeing new things.

Spend doing charity work

Planning a honeymoon is all about building up chemistry and trust between couples. Suppose both you and your spouse are into volunteering and charity work. In that case, you may find volunteer opportunities or organizations that cover your travel expenses in exchange for your assistance, time, and skills. This is a great way for you to give back and spend quality time with your spouse and contribute to society while doing so.

Get outdoor

A week-long camping trip at a local state park is a great option for couples who enjoy an adventure. You will likely enjoy privacy and peace. You can find a park with other activities, such as boating, hiking, and other nature-friendly entertainment for a low price.

Go offseason

You don’t have to go on a traditional honeymoon right away after your wedding. You may consider planning the trip during the off-season. That way, it will make the journey much affordable, and you have some time to save up. But, personally, travelling to places offseason takes most fun out of it. Once I had a trip to Manali, India, but I chose summer to cut the cost down, and boy was that a mistake. As expected, there was no snow on sight, and everything was kind of deserted, and overall we did not have much fun. So, if your destination is dependent on climate and weather, I recommend that you discard this idea.

Some Cheap holiday destination

A honeymoon is a major life event, and no matter what, a romantic honeymoon is a major life event. So here are our top recommendations for a romantic getaway.

Puerto Rico, United States

For budget travellers around the USA, Puerto Rico can be an attractive choice. You do not need the complication of having a passport or any paperwork. You can drive into this Caribbean gem from most major cities, and most importantly, it looks beautiful. The beaches are great, and accommodation is also within reach.

Florida Keys, United States

The string of islands located at the tip of Florida will appeal to budget-conscious tourists. Here, the dress code is shorts, flip flops and t-shirts all year. Very romantic and on budget. There are also many activities you can try with your partners like swimming with dolphins and sunset sailing. Sunset is particularly beautiful and is a great attraction for newlyweds. All in all, Florida keys is a fun-loving place that everyone will appreciate.


Neighbouring Mexico is also a great option for a budget honeymoon. There are many waterfalls for those epic Instagram posts. Accommodation is extremely cheap, and you get to enjoy probably the best food in the whole world. But, keep in mind that Mexico has some security concerns, especially during the night, so we recommend you keep all your valuable things in check, and it is better not to wander too much into nature.


Moving to Southeast Asia, Thailand is a dream destination for many newlyweds. Yes, a flight to Thailand is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. But after you reach your destination, your trip will cost you virtually nothing. Being an Asian country, accommodation and food is extremely cheap. The adventure is top-notch. If you are coming from a cold winter wedding in November and December, you will love the amazing warm weather Thailand has to offer. It is also a very safe place for travellers making it the ultimate holiday destination.

To Sum up 

Here you go, a comprehensive tip and tricks along with some great budget options for a romantic honeymoon. We understand that just after your wedding, it may not be easy on your budget to fit in the honeymoon as it will again set your finances back. But the vibe of a honeymoon is best just after the wedding, and we don’t want your spouse to miss that for a financial crunch. So, to make things a bit bearable for your wallet, you may consider picking up a fast payday loan. Unlike other personal loans, payday loans do not require any credit check. They are quick loans that are easy to apply online, have no collateral and get approved within an hour. All you need to get the loan approved is a banking account and proof of employment. You can easily pay off the loans from your next paycheck for a small fee of around $20. Apply loan online today to get your loan approved so that your honeymoon does not have to wait.

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