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It is that time of the year, your kid’s birthday is coming up, and everyone is so excited. Being a parent, you too want to make this day memorable for your kid, but reality strikes. Throwing an expensive party may put your financial situation at risk, so in this article, we will look into top tips and tricks to throw a fantastic birthday party on a budget.


How to plan a kid's birthday party on a budget RedPayday

How to plan a kid’s birthday party on a budget RedPayday

Keeping your guest list small

One thing kids are really good at is inviting their entire known universe into their birthday party. But you have to be realistic. Their parents will also accompany every kid you invite, so we suggest keeping the number to a minimum.

Choosing the right venue

Choosing the right location can be the deciding factor if you can manage the birthday party on a budget or not. Renting out a venue can be super expensive and will hike other additional costs like food and decoration. So, if you are on a budget, the only options you have are to throw the party at your home or a nearby park. We will recommend you to for the latter as kids running and jumping may put a lot of strain on your furniture and utility bills as well. But, parks may not always be an option. If you live in a cold area or unpredictable weather, you may be better off having the party at your house.

Picking the right theme

Picking up a suitable theme is very important for the success of your party. We would not recommend you to ditch the idea of having a theme as this is what kids love the most about their birthday, and this is what they will keep with them as memories for their life. But, that does mean you have to break into your savings and buy all the official gear your kids want. Let me give you a tip, suppose your daughter loves Disney princesses. You have tons of princess theme goodies at your home already. So before you shop anything more, it will be a great idea to reuse some of those items. The same applies if you have a kid who loves superheroes.

Avoid partying at mealtime.

Now, if you invite someone during mealtime, they will most likely be expecting a full-blown meal. But if your party starts at 4 pm or 10 am, you can get away with a snack. Do note that no one likes to be invited to a party and get nothing to eat, plus hungry kids roaming around your house may not be a good idea either, so treat them with a generous scoop of snacks.

Bake your cake

You will be surprised by how much you can save if you choose to bake your cake. Moreover, everyone will appreciate your effort as well, making it a win-win decision for all. Don’t be worried if you lack the skillset; most will appreciate your effort, and if your kids want a birthday-themed cake, grab a standard store-baked cake and put on an action figure or something of that sort WALA you have a themed cake ready.

Make your invitation

Instead of shelling out on store-bought invitation cards, take advantage of the internet. The invitation card or envelope has no real emotional value for your kids anyway; they will probably forget about it in a few months, so don’t spend a bucket load of money on this.

Budget your food cost

Ideally, if possible, opt to go for cooked food over store-bought one. Compare if it will be easier to buy the food or cook it at home. You can also save quite a lot on food by limiting the party’s duration. Mentioning the time like 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm will probably make the guardian come to your party after having their lunch, and they will not be expecting to get dinner either.

Fun activity

It is still essential to have some fun and games at your party to keep the kids engaged and entertained. There are tons of free yet fun activities kids can try.

Here is a small list

– Watch a movie

– Freeze Dance

-play video games

– keep up balloons

– storytime

-Musical Chairs

And much more, none of these activities cost anything and keep the kids entertained and engaged for hours.

Combine multiple birthdays

If you have multiple kids and their birthday coincides around the same time of the year( even by 1/2 months off), you may consider combining the parties into one. It is also true if any of your kids’ friends also have birthdays in the same month. I am sure their parents will appreciate you reaching out to them.

Seek help from friends in decoration

If you are on a budget, seek out your friends for help in decoration. Hiring professional service will cost you a lot, so this can also be a fun way to spend quality time with your friends and save you a couple of hundred dollars.


We have discussed some of the best tips and tricks you can use to save you on your budget. But, do note that we do recommend you apply every step that we discussed today. We do realize that at the end of the day, it’s your baby’s big day. Following all these steps might put him a bit off and take away some of the joy. We know that is the last thing you want; no parent can endure that either. So, to help you out during this crunch financial situation, we have one final tip for you. Instead of cheapening out on everything to fit inside your budget, consider taking a fast payday loan. You can quickly pay it off from your next paycheck, and getting approval is a breeze as there is no credit check, and anyone with a job can apply. And the best part taking from Redpayday, it just takes an hour to get the loan approved, so no, it’s not too late to apply.

We wish you and your family a blast on this special day.

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