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What to know about Payday Loans Canada

Payday loans Canada can be highly effective in periods of financial setback, especially during emergencies. However, unless you are certain you can cover 100 percent of the full repayment on time, do not take out a payday loan. This is because the charges can spiral out of control.

What is a Payday Loan?

Also known as post-dated check loans, cash advance loans, or deferred deposit loans, these are short-term high-interest loans that can be acquired online or in-store, set to bridge the gap between paychecks when immediate funds are needed.  The requirements are that the borrower must present some financial details, request a certain dollar amount loan, and then receive the funds. There are factors that determine how much a borrower can receive, but with the exemption of credit. In fact, the main selling point of payday loans and the reason they are appealing is the ‘no credit’ factor. Normally, anyone with a steady income and a checking account can obtain a payday loan. Also, borrowers without savings accounts or credit cards can use this type of lender.

payday loans canada online

payday loans canada online

Applying Online Payday Loans

Emergencies happen all the time and in most cases during the unexpected periods. For that reason, many borrowers offer online payday platforms allowing borrowers to make their applications any time of day or night through a convenient and secure process. Once the loan is approved, which may take, a few hours, the funds are directly wired to your checking account. With the date of the loan repayment being due on your next pay day, most lenders give an auto-pay option for the automatic processing of the borrowed funds.

Applying In Stores

You may need to speak to a representative, and you can do so by making your application at a store. Once your application is approved, you receive and write a personal check for the loan amount requested including the finance charges and then walk away with your money. The store will only have to hold your check and deposit it in your next payday. Alternatively, you can make the choice of paying off your loan at the store before the depositing of your check takes place. In fact, some lenders may require you to set up a recurring payment to allow them to take what you owe from your account through your debit card once your repayment date is due. It means that if your account does not have enough money you may have to look for other means to cover other bills and what’s more, you may have to pay bank charges.

Payday Loan Loopholes to Avoid

The moment you have genuine problems that may keep you from repaying your loan, you may get a rollover or another loan from your lender. Before rolling over, get an information sheet of providers of free debt advice. As much as it may appear to be a great solution, it could cause you major problems later since you will be entitled to higher interests and extra fees.

Payday Loans and Rates

A fixed fee on the amount borrowed may be charged based on the type of lender and the location the loan originates in. There are lenders who charge extra fees such as loan originated fees. Before taking out the loan, read the loan agreement carefully to understand the charges.

Payday loans are very helpful tools for emergency funds such as a car repair, medical bill, and one-time expenses when other financial options are unavailable. If you do not have savings or credit cards, payday loans might just be what you need.

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