Get Rid of Unquiet Expenses with these Payday Loans Types

Customize your financial path as per your desire by paying back on time. Your repayment word matters the most in payday loan borrowing.
Know about Payday Loan Types to make borrowing decision


“Numerous paths lead to one destination but it depends on passenger how he chooses best for himself. Same is the case with payday loans. Its various types exist in the market but it is all up to borrower which one he will select as per his requirements.”

Facing emergency financial needs is a very obvious matter these days. The point is how you deal with it. It is not wise to sit depressingly just because you do not have enough bank balance. Come On! Look out into online world; numerous economic solutions are waiting to offer you required money help. Online payday loans are one of the best instant cash providers.

Payday Loans Types

A borrower can borrow up to $1500 within ten minutes to meet his outstanding expenses. Short term loan is a great tool to screw up imperious cash needs if it is accessed wisely. You may have heard that most of financial institution boasts that they provide fax less cash services but in fact it is truth that they are completely online services. An applicant is not involved in any paper and faxing formalities. He is just supposed to fill online application form to start borrowing process.

Anyone who is in need of urgent cash need can apply for instant cash loans until he is 18 years old employed Canadian citizen with an active bank account. Other than this eligibility criterion, these loans expect borrowers to return loan amount along with calculated interest rate before their next salary day. In case they fail to do so, it is mandatory to inform lender on prior basis to stay shielded from legal penalties.

“Numerous Options are available for Payday Loans.”

1. Online Payday Loans

These loans range between $100 and $1500. However, exact lending amount is determined after reviewing borrower’s application form and examining his eligibility criteria. Everything is processed online. Even if something is asked by borrower that is processed through email.

Online Payday Loans Canada Now

2. Fax less Payday Loans

For these payday loans, loan amount is stable between $200 and $500. However in extreme cases, it can be extended to $1000 on meeting certain requirements. They don’t perform any credit check while lending to Canadian borrowers. As the name depicts, a borrower is not supposed to fax even a single document. After receiving electronically signed application form, cash is promised to transfer within in one business day.

Faxless Payday Loans Canada

3. Cash Advance Payday Loans

A cash advance payday loan is a short term loan used to cover up unexpected expenses. It is a cash advance from borrower’s next paycheck. The maximum amount that can be borrowed is decided by analyzing borrower’s income. They can also be offered inform of credit line. Credit limit is again determined on the basis of monthly income of an applicant.

Cash Advance Payday Loans Red Payday

4. Bad Credit Payday Loans

A bad credit payday loan also stay advance on borrower’s next paycheck. Lenders do not care about credit history of the borrower while lending. So, it is exciting borrowing solution for those who have zero credit score or bad history. Time period can also be extended to 21 or 28 days. So, those who have bankruptcy history can also apply this way.

Bad credit payday loans

Dare to pay 700 % APR and get instant cash within 1 hour!!!!!

5. 1 hour Payday Loans

1 hour payday loans are the fastest in this niche. Their processing is so fast that loan application is sanctioned within minutes. Loan offer is send immediately send to borrower after giving a quick review. As they are so quick so APR for such loans reach up to 700 percent.

1 hour Payday Loans

6. Military Payday Loans

Canadian government owe to their military personnel for their great national services. Military payday loan are specially designed to pay off to some extent to their sacrifices by helping them financially. Under123a article of Military justice, any military personnel who fail to meet eligibility criteria for payday borrowing can be subjected to transfer, court marshal, confinement or discharge. Those who qualify can borrow up to 40% of their monthly salary. Cash is wire transferred within 1 to 5 business days. Loan fee vary from $10 to $30 after every $100. No credit checks employed and no one other than military person can apply for these loans.

Military Payday Loans

7. Paperless Payday Loans

Though all payday loans do not perform any paper formalities, these loans processing is carried on entirely online basis. The basic personal information is asked in application form. However, additional information is collected via lender on phone. Thus loan processing also speeds up and application get sanctioned within minutes. It is easiest lending solution for lenders and most convenient borrowing solution for borrowers.

Paperless Payday Loans

8. 24 hours Payday Loans

Most of payday loans fall under this category as processing time is set to one business day that is 24 working hours after application sanctioning. So, a borrower can get access to required cash within one day and can off for outstanding urgent expenses immediately. He will be not asked any reason behind loan amount consumption until he promises to pay back on due date.

24 hours Payday Loans

9. 30 Day Payday Loans

It is often found that short term cash loans are offered for 14 days term. However, there are some jobs in which pay is given on monthly basis instead of 14 days period. So, 30 day payday loans are specially designed to such borrowers. But keep in mind that longer the period the higher the loan fee. Opt this only if you can repay large.

30 Day Payday Loans

10. Low Fee Payday loans

As the name says, these loans generally incur low fee as compared to average payday loans. Go for credit card, debt counseling or debt consolidation loan if you are looking for low fee short term cash solutions in Vancouver, Canada. While lending, lenders will consider borrower’s employment length along with his monthly income.

Short Term Loans