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Online Payday Loans Canada Conduct Code


Flexible Loan Options
Our loan services are very flexible. We have not any strict format to be followed by borrower. The borrower is not forced to do apply for anything unwillingly. The loan amount is decided by an applicant as per his urgent financial requirements. The loan disbursement is performed only after receiving electronically signed agreement from the borrower. However, it is recommended that keep your demand below $1000.

Complete Transparency in Lending Process
We follow entirely online and transparent lending process. From the very beginning of submitting application form to repayment, every step is carried out in synchronization with the borrower. The loan offer is send to the borrower explaining all loan terms and conditions. It also demonstrates loan policy and repayment criteria. All this information is real trustworthy. We guarantee that there is hidden fee and extra charges involved in our loan process. Penalties to handle any kind of financial misbehavior like non-repayment are also kept transparent to the customers.

Credit Check
Credit information entitles the financial character of the borrower. We protect our lenders from any kind of lending risks by connecting with all the major credit bureaus. Whenever a loan application is received, we thoroughly revise the credit history of that particular applicant to minimize the lending risks. From there we get all the information regarding borrower’s financial history, bankruptcy and any outstanding loan in his name. It helps the lenders in making the lending decision. In any case, if an application is rejected, we take the responsibility to mention the valid reasons behind that. We prefer to perform credit check for economic well being of both the borrower and the lender.

Short Term Loan Lending
Payday Loans are formatted in such a way that they only fulfill short term cash requirements. No repayment reluctance is acceptable here. Typical short term loan is lent for 14 days. At the time of agreement, every bit of information is provided to borrowers, so there is no chance to abandon any rule. The lender is directly connected to borrower’s bank account. On due date, total loan amount along with calculated interest rate is withdrawn by lender by submitting pre-signed checks of the borrower. For this reason, these loans are also called cash advance payday loans. In case, if borrower is not capable of that much of cash in his bank account, then it is his prior responsibility to inform the lender before his check gets bounced back so that you may not be listed as defaulter.

Fair Loan Policies
We feel honored as a fair organization mentions every policy and state every regulation regarding payday loan borrowing along with repayment implications for defaulters. If borrower’s credit history is sound and he is going to fall in defaulter category, we try our best to protect him against any professional odds. In extreme helpless cases, our teams also help to extend loan period.

Quick Response
We are quick in responding from every aspect whether it is lending or querying. Our online service is available 24 X 7 hours a week. So, you can contact us anytime through phone, email or by simply visiting our website. We try to provide answers to all queries within 48 hours from submission; however loan amount is promised to transferred within one 24 business hours after approval. Even if you are not satisfied with our services or response you can complaint it with valid reasons and we keep a word of resolving it as early as possible.

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